Greenway Marketing was a one-woman operation transitioning from individual consulting to providing fast, effective brand overhauls for smaller businesses.

The logo and collateral needed to inspire confidence in customers and present proper visual cues to indicate strength, expertise, and a practicality that would especially resonate with owner-operator companies.

Client’s last name was incorporated into the company name. Of course the color had to be green (approx. hex. 8AB9AE – “shadow green”). The green also reinforced the “growth” concept a smidge.

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The green rounded rec thought bubble was a permanent part of the logo text, with the incrementally larger oval shapes reinforcing the incrementally larger rectangular shapes in the “bar graph-building” logo treatment. The thought bubbles also supporting one of Greenway’s primary messages: ‘If your business was stagnant despite buying larger yellow page ads, maybe it was time for new ideas.”

Tag line was “Growing business,” alluding to a) “Greenway Marketing growing the business of their client,” and b) Greenway Marketing transforming their client’s business from a stagnant business to a “Growing business.”

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The “bar graph buildings” were associated with a turnkey product called “Small Business Strategiy,” and tied the easily identified “increasing bar graph” image to the concept of a (literal) “growing” business by transforming the short bar into a house, and the subsequent (larger) bars into larger “office buildings.”