Thanks: Matt Miali

As I’ve stated before, I’m not an illustrator. I had the amazing luck to befriend the gifted graphic artist Matt Miali in Northwest Portland. We were neighbors, and I worked in a recording studio. Matty was co-founder of advertising agency Germ, with fellow Art Center College of Design graduate Vince Vinceri (a talented cat in his own right – a kind of brand guru).

A few months after we met, I composed & produced music for television spot (Bicycle Factory Outlet) that Germ aired during the NCAA finals. When Germ decided to pitch web development services to financial services clients, they gave me a call, and I became their Director of New Media, leading development projects for financial services companies. (Clients included Broker/Dealers like Phillips & Co. Securities, and banks and credit card companies (Orchard Bank, Renaissance Bankcard Services).

Matt has got skills, he’s damn funny, and one of the most generous guys I’ve ever known. Any work that I create in advertising, marketing, or design is due to him showing me the ropes, and any crap work that I do is probably something he already pointed out to me to correct.